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At Kensium, we believe that our relationship with our clients does not end at the point of implementing the solution for the organization and having the users informed about using the new application.

For Kensium, this is a start to a sequence of steps and services that we take pride in. We understand that our clients gauge the ROI and worth of our application by its ease of use, organization wide acceptance and easier transition for its employees. To make sure that we are able to get this initiated, we do share and provide access to a host of reference materials in the form of Help Documents, Videos and Demonstrations. This helps trigger and accelerate the understanding and familiarization process with the application.

But like any HRMS solution, KensiumHR also has a lot of functionalities, configurations and business rules that are tied up to the execution engine. Lack of clarity and understanding the details sometimes could lead to situations of conflict, frustrations amongst the employees, etc. With our vast experience in implementation and deliveries of the solution, we have identified a strong need for an employee role and function based training.

Kensium offers a wide range of training, preparation and evaluation services to support the implementation and acceptance process for our clients. To make this more effective and organized, Kensium has an onsite coordinator deployed to take care of the training needs for the application. This helps in an effective rollout and planning to be defined and executed for the respective individuals and employees who are participating in the core functions. 

At a high level, the following are some of the common training programs\schedules that are planned for at the outset:

Technical Training

Key Audience

IT Managers, System Administrators, Support and Network Engineers

Core Coverage

During this program, Kensium deploys our senior resources from our Implementation Management team to train and explain the technical aspects of the solution in terms of solution deployment, backups, high level trouble shooting, etc.  

Kensium also makes sure that your support engineers or executives are informed about the configurations that are in place with respect to the files, databases, any URLs (public or private), etc. and making sure that they are aware of all the core aspects involved.

Configuration and Administrative Functions Training

Key Audience

Management Team, HR Heads, Reporting Heads, IT Function Heads

Core Coverage

This program normally forms the heart of the rollout and preparation schedule.

This covers the areas of the application that are used to transform the business rules and policies of the organization into the application interfaces. The involvement of the management teams and functions during this training helps to make sure that they have a clear understanding of what the individual configuration and administrative functions involved in the application. This then helps to transform and configure the application to support the organizational policies that are in place. Understanding of these areas of the application also helps for basic troubleshooting, issues resolution and prompt responses to any queries that may come up from the end users. 

HR Functions Training

Key Audience

HR Team, Reporting Heads 

Core Coverage

The primary objective of this program is targeted at the core functional users of any organization which is the HR team. As the front runners and brand ambassadors of the application and in promoting its effective use and rollout, it is highly essential for the HR team to be aware of all the functional aspects especially having their role being involved. This program covers all the core HR functions like Employee Management, Leaves Management, Attendance Management, Payroll Management, etc.

Functional Area Training

Key Audience

Functional Area specific teams 

Core Coverage

This is more of a specialized program that is planned and designed to meet your specific needs. This is designed with the specific users and the organizations implementation in mind.

A typical example of this would be a Payroll function. This function involves almost all areas of the organization i.e.HR, Finance, Reporting Heads, etc. Based on the processes and policies involved, the training manager arrives at this program to explain the areas and modules of the application which would be used by the specific teams and then the roles that they perform to achieve their requirements.

Similar to these, Kensium has been involved in functional area training programs for Leave & Attendance, Travel Management, Project Management, etc. to make sure that our clients are able to map their existing business processes to the application and identify any gaps or customization requirements that may be present, etc.

The functional area trainings are normally planned during the implementation phase since we believe that it is the right time for both Kensium and our clients to be able to understand and execute the implementation effectively.

Training for Reporting Managers\Roles

Key Audience

Reporting Heads and Leads  

Core Coverage

This program is specifically targeted at all individuals in your organization who are involved in the role of a Reporting head. As much as the end users, we believe that the Reporting functions play a very significant role too and it is they who lead by example in taking the application forward and supporting an effective rollout.

This program covers the core reporting functions which are made available in the application. These are from the more simplest ones related to Leaves, Attendances, Out Time Requests, etc. to the more complex ones like Requisitions Management, Interview Feedbacks, Confirmation Feedbacks, Induction Management, etc. This program also touches upon functions related to Tasks, Notifications, Emails, Approval Workflows, etc.

This helps the Reporting Heads understand their core functions and actions and be able to respond when they get any notifications, emails, etc. from the application. Clear understanding of their functions and how it is translated or made available in the application helps them to effectively manage and use the application better.

Training for End Users

Key Audience

Organization specific selection of audience is recommended here. Normally for bigger sized organizations it is limited to a select few from each team who are nominated as Brand Ambassadors. Or based on specific requirements, all teams and all employees are covered.

Core Coverage

This is normally planned to give a high level overview to all the participants. It touches upon the key areas of the application and the day to day requirements of an employee.

This program also covers topics related to Leaves, Out Times, Attendances, etc. which are the key areas that an employee is involved or focusing upon.

This program is normally supported with real time demos and videos from the application where core scenarios are illustrated and explained. This helps the employees understand the various status values or processes involved in a particular action and how they should be using it.

Train the Trainer

Key Audience

Based on the size of the organization and any other factors, Kensium recommends having an in-house trainer to function as the primary interaction point for the organization. This individual can internally train new employees, conduct regular training sessions, monitor or evaluate application usage in coordination with the departments and key individuals, etc. 

Core Coverage

This program covers all aspects of the application from a functional perspective. At a high level, it is a miniature version of all training programs combined into one.

The focus with this program is to be able to explain the functionality involved, the roles or actors involved, the workflows involved in a specific function, etc.

Training programs and needs often tend to be very specific and highly customized depending on various factors like Geographic locations, Size of the organization, Work Schedules, etc. Most normally, the Training Coordinator from Kensium is responsible to work with the designated individuals on your side and plan\schedule these to make sure that the effectivity and impact of these training sessions are kept to the maximum.

Kensium makes sure that these programs are made as interactive and as customized with the use of examples and coverage so that it helps the audience to quickly relate to their day to day activities. The training programs and schedules are planned to be spread over a couple of weeks with sufficient time in between thus making the learning process more realistic and enquiry oriented for the participants involved. 

Kensium believes that while its training programs are highly suited to increase the acceptance and smooth rollout or transition to the KensiumHR application, a systematic evaluation is also required to substantially evaluate the understanding of the various individuals. With this in mind, each of the training programs has an evaluation and certification process attached to it.

All participants are encouraged to participate in this evaluation purpose at the end or during the course of a program. The results from the program are shared with the management team and\or the designated individuals so that the next steps can be planned effectively.

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