The Pharmaceutical industry had a smooth sailing few decades ago, as it was just the beginning. There was less competition and hence less stress in the market. The industry and its professionals were well respected. The employees were a happy bunch with comfortable salaries and satisfied customers. Employees would retire from the organization they started their career with.

The 90's heralded a new era for the pharmaceutical industry with advanced technology for research and development, clinical trials, new patent laws, price wars, rising costs, affordable medicine, continuously evolving regulatory laws, increased scope of international laws and mergers and acquisitions.


HR Challenges

In this dynamic scenario, the HR has their share of challenges like:

  • Recruiting and retaining skilled manpower
  • Training employees in advanced technology
  • Developing employees of varied skills from scientists to sales professionals
  • Managing on-field employees or in R&D centers
  • Ensuring raw materials, products, instruments, and other asset accountability by employees


The following KensiumHR modules offer solutions to overcome the challenges faced by the HR in the pharmaceutical industry:


This module is designed in line with the industry best practices and it enables the HR to:

  • Allow managers to track and deal with every candidate`s resume to get the closest match with the technical/skill requirements
  • Ensure smooth and hassle free recruitment to give a welcoming experience to the candidate


This module allows the HR to:

  • Plan training programs for specific roles and skill sets at various locations
  • Track employee participants in training programs
  • Schedule training programs for the whole year in advance for regular technological trainings

Employee Management

This module enables the HR to:

  • Manage employees at different locations and different roles
  • Set specific policies as applicable for the employee role

Asset Tracking

This module allows the HR to:

  • Manage and track the assets like medical kits, surgical items, mobiles etc.,
  • Allow the managers to track all the assets allocated by them

Apart from these modules, as per the organization’s requirement, KensiumHR can be customized to include modules like: Onboarding, Induction, Confirmation, Attendance, Leave Management, Tasks and Notifications, Performance Management, Payroll Management, Contractor Management, Exit and Separation, and Organization Management.

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