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The IT revolution and the World Wide Web have changed the way people buy and sell products and services. People are increasingly transacting on the web and the social media feedback and online reviews are getting more weightage before making a buying decision. The consumer is also well informed through availability of options and comparisons from across the globe and can have access to any information anytime with the help of laptops and mobile devices.

To keep up with the on-the-move consumer, the marketing and distribution sector has become more digitized and prompt. The marketing and distribution personnel need to be more analytical in understanding the consumer and creative in providing solutions. The distribution channels have evolved and become more direct with the customer.


HR Challenges

With the changing face of the marketing and distribution sector, the HR faces the following challenges:

  • Recruit experienced employees
  • Retaining high performing employees
  • Improving skills and abilities of employees
  • Provide prompt recognition of performance excellence


The following KensiumHR modules offer solutions for the challenges faced by the HR in the marketing and distribution industry:


This module enables the HR to:

  • Define specific experience criteria required for the role
  • Select candidate matching the defined experience requirements
  • Schedule interviews as per the role and candidate’s experience and
  • Automate processing of communication to internal stakeholders and the candidates

Employee Management

This module is a key source of employee data and forms the basis for various other modules.
This module enables the HR to:

  • Provide timely rewards and recognition to the employees
  • Facilitate employee engagement and improve team bonding with the help of built-in social engagement tools
  • Integrate performance management functions with employee records for a more objective and faster analysis of employee performance

Performance Management

This module enables the HR to:

  • Define roles based KRAs
  • Receive 360o performance appraisal from self, peers, subordinates, boss, and clients
  • Measure ‘pay for performance’ to align merit increments and bonus dissemination with the actual performance of the employee
  • Analyze performance gaps and plan for employee development
  • Identify high performers and plan for rewards and recognition for employees


This module enables the HR to:

  • Create training programs to enable knowledge sharing by internal trainers
  • Plan and schedule various training program during the year to update and upgrade employees as and when required

Payroll Management

This module also enables the HR to:

  • Create roll based pay structure and provide incentives based on performance
  • Disburse rewards and incentives

Apart from these modules, as per the organization’s requirement, KensiumHR can be customized to include modules like: Onboarding, Induction, Confirmation, Attendance, Leave Management, Tasks and Notifications, Contractor Management, Exit and Separation, Organization Management, and Asset Tracking.

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