The Manufacturing industry is made up of enormous factories or workshops run by skilled or unskilled workforce. Some sectors have automated their operations bringing down the workforce numbers but requiring more skilled manpower. The sectors which are not fully automated for various reasons may need to employ a large number of unskilled manpower.

To maintain the balance between demand and supply, the manufacturing industry runs its operations round the clock, with additional manpower to work in different shifts.


HR Challenges

The industry being labor intensive needs to gear up to manage the following human resource challenges it is bound to face:    

  • Manage employees and employee relations across various locations
  • Track employee attendance and work hours
  • Plan and organize employee allocation as per the shift calendar
  • Train employees for skill development and safety procedures
  • Develop and retain employees in key roles and employees with high potential
  • Manage employees recruited on contract basis
  • Create a payroll matrix for fair and objective remuneration for different grades and pay scales


KensiumHR’s following modules offer solution to the HR challenges faced by the manufacturing industry:

Employee Management

This module enables the HR to:

  • Assign roles and responsibilities to employees working from different locations
  • Communicate to all or to specific groups
  • Maintain all the records of recruiting, promotions, transfers, reassignment and exits
  • Track the complete movement of the employee from hiring to exit
  • Identify and address early talent & skills gaps

Training Management

This module allows the HR to:

  • Plan training programs for based on location and role of employees
  • Record and track training hours attended by employees for various courses


This module will enable the HR to:

  • Create workflow based attendance
  • Track and escalate deviations in attendance record

Payroll Management

This module will enable the HR to:

  • Create an objective payroll matrix  for different grades and pay-scale
  • Manage compensation and benefits by providing organization wide access for leave and PTO applications, pay slips, etc.

Contractor Management

This module allows the HR coordinator to:

  • Create a new Contractor and assign a Contract Value of each contractor
  • Set up the validity period for the Contract, the Vendor, and for the Agreement
  • Configure the applicability of modules or functions for the Contract employees
  • Allow Vendors to access various reports which help them manage and track their employees remotely
  • Suspend all the access to Vendors and Contract employees whose agreement or contract has expired

Leave Management:

Along with the regular leave management features, this module allows the HR coordinator to:

  • Configure shift rules, record timings, create rosters for weekly/monthly shifts
  • Capture attendance from Biometric Devices, Web login, or through any other access methods
  • Manage different shifts in a 24*7*365 working environment

Apart from these modules, as per the organization’s requirement, KensiumHR can be customized to include modules like: Recruitment, Onboarding, Induction, Confirmation, Tasks and Notifications, Performance Management, Exit and Separation, Organization Management, and Asset Tracking.

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