Licensing and Pricing

KensiumHR has a flexible licensing and pricing model, which allows for both On-Premise as well as Cloud-based installations.

Each deployment can be priced based on the size, as well as Module.

Included is the Module Features and License Model. Actual Pricing would be finalized while developing the sales plan with the Distribution Partner.

Module Details
General Features Employee Self Service Portal
Document Tracking and Custodians
Digital Signatures/Acknowledgments
Configurable Letters, Notifications, and Messages
Email based Approvals (Instant approvals)
SMS integration
Function based coordinators
Localization Settings for Dates and Currency formats
Configurable ID/Series
Security Features Single Sign-On with oAuth
Active Directory Integration
Configurable Role Based Security
IP Logging
Audit log for ALL Activities
“On Behalf Of” Functionality
Technology Web Based, multi-browser, multi-OS compatibility
Latest trends in UI
Windows Server Based
No Additional Licensing necessary
On Premise, or Cloud based
User Interface Mobile device compatible
Configurable Home Page
Recent Item Shortcuts
Related items
Customizable Menus
Customizable look and feel with your corporate color scheme
Integrations Open API to facilitate integration with any solution
Access Card and Biometric Device Integration
ERP Integration
Integration with existing Payroll systems
Data Migration from existing systems
Organization Management Unlimited Locations and Departments
Location specific Document Tracking
Policy Management with history, and real-time access for employees
Positions and Levels
Organization Chart
Feedback and Grievance (Anonymous as well)
Holidays (Optional Holidays)
Configurable weekly offs/holidays
Office Closures ( option to swap with other days)
Employee Timeline
Internal Messaging System
Internal Social Connections
Facilities Management and Booking (E.g. Conference Rooms)
Tasks and Notifications System generated, as well as manual tasks
Notifications configured to emails
Notifications configured to SMS
Tasks with escalations
Task Reopen / Reassignment
Confidential Tasks
Group Assignment at Location/Department/Position, or a specific employee
Announcements Recurring (Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.)
Image Library
Ability to review recurring announcements and edit before they are sent
Location/Department/Position specific
Home page widget
Recruitment Resource Requisitions with configurable workflows
Creating requisitions using existing RRFs/ Employees
Confidential Requisitions
Post vacancies to Social Media, External Recruiters, etc.
Post vacancies to Employee Self Service Portal
Post to Corporate Website
Approvals for vacancy postings
Employee Referrals
Resume Bank
Resume parsing
Ability to pull candidates/resumes from advertised mailboxes
Duplicate Candidate / Ex-Employee Checks
Internal Recruiter Assignments (Auto/Manual)
Pre-Joining Document Tracking
Position specific Interview Panels
Configurable Interview Levels
Interview Scheduling
Interview Feedback Questionnaire
Offer Negotiations
Configurable offer letter/joining letter/Appointment letter
Offer and Appointment Letters and Acknowledgments
Configurable Offer Approvers
Define Salary Components
CTC Calculator
Alerts when CTC exceeds the configured tolerance limits
Onboarding Position specific reference check questionnaire
Tracking reference check responses
Joining Checklists
Automated New Joinee Tasks
Ability to track future promises made during recruitment
Task and Asset assignments pre-joining, and release as needed
Document Management (Joining and Post-Joining)
Induction Online / Offline / Offsite
Automated or Manual scheduling
Unlimited Induction Programs, and Topics
Presenter / Coordinator for each topic
Induction Presenter Feedback
Induction Evaluation Process with scoring
Track Induction Attendance
Confirmation Position specific probation periods
Confirmation reminders
Periodic Reviews while under probation
Peer Reviews / 360-degree review for Confirmation
Position specific review questionnaire
Probation Extension/Termination initiation
Confirmation Process
Initiation of tasks scheduled for confirmation such as salary increases, etc.
Configurable workflows/Conflict resolution
Employee Letters
Leave Management Supports Leave / Benefit / Comp-off
Configurable Leave Types and Eligibility Rules
Can be applied, or assigned
HR approval for benefits such as wedding/maternity, etc.
Leave Planning based on leaves and tentative leaves of other employees
Support for personal out-times
Location / Department / Position / Group specific Leave Rules
Approvals based on number of days of leave
Configurable workflows for approvals
Special workflows for Loss of Pay / Unpaid Time Off
Document uploads for specific leave types
Tentative Leaves
Notifications for team-members/peers
Reminders to managers and team members for previously approved leaves
Leave Adjustment Workflows
Provision to configure the minimum duration of leave in a day (across shifts)
Leave Encashment Process
Leave carry-forward
Configurable Leave Accrual Rules
Attendance Shift Management (Rigid or Flexi-Shifts)
Shift Assignment and Change Requests
Overtime / Comp-off
Work from Home
ESSP Punch In/Out
Configurable number of breaks and timings
Multiple Attendance Tracking Modes (ESSP, Access Cards, Biometric Devices, etc.)
Highly Accurate and Complex algorithm to determine effective in and out times
Track Employee Movements via device integration
Alerts for attendance device failure
Configurable rules for Attendance Summary Display
Attendance approval workflow
Mass attendance approvals
Attendance Change Requests and approval workflow
Attendance Audit
Manual or Automated Audit schedules
Notifications and alerts for missing attendance
Back dated entry support with thresholds
Employee Management Dynamic Employee Code
Unlimited Custom Fields
Unlimited Custom Groups
Recruitment to Exit
Ability to skip attendance tracking/approvals for specific resources/positions
Absconding Alerts
Track Social Media Profiles
Track Personal Information, Emergency Contacts, Academics, Work Experience, Skills, Client feedback, etc.
Employee Agreements
Document tracking with expiration notifications
Letters and Disciplinary Actions
Skill Matrix and Certifications
Field level permissions configuration
Alerts to HR on change of Employee information
Contractor Management Track Vendors
Manage Vendor Agreements
Alerts for expiring Agreements
Track Contractors
Terminate Vendors, Agreements, Contractors with knowledge sharing
Configure modules available for contractors
Vendor Access for viewing Contractor attendance data
Project Management Unlimited Client and Projects
Assignment of employees to projects and tasks
Timesheets, tracking against tasks
Timesheet Approval
Billing Reports
Configurable Approvals
Asset Tracking Asset Requisition
Configurable approvals and workflows
Unlimited Asset Categories
Ability to track with or without serial numbers
Configurable series for Internal Numbering of Assets
Asset Custodians
Approvers for Inward / Outward / Assignment and Retirement
Custodian Transfers
Acknowledgments for receipts and returns
Reminders for Asset Collection
Asset value and calculation of damages based on Asset life time
Surveys Unlimited surveys
Location / Department / Position specific surveys
Configurable Approval Workflows
Anonymous Survey Functionality
Share Survey Results (Summary) with respondents
Recurring Announcements/Notifications for Surveys
Configurable questions, and responses
Graphical Summary report
Ability to see detailed responses including respondents
Ability to respond to surveys without logging in to KensiumHR
Training Management Training Calendar and Schedule
Unlimited training topics
Training/Trainer Evaluation
Track Certifications
Publish Training Announcements
Employee self-enrollment
Participant Management
Performance Management Reviews with timelines, automated alerts and reminders
Employee-wise review parameters with weights
Industry Standard Goal Libraries
Multi-Level Review and Moderation
Acceptance for closure
Normalization of ratings to remove reviewer bias
360-degree feedback
Employees have ability to choose feedback reviewers
External (Customer) Feedback capability
Configurable Workflows
Payroll Management Tax deduction documentation
Configurable earnings and deductions
Import data from Excel
Stop Salary
Processing rollback
Locking of processed months’ data
Pay slip generation and delivery
Loan Recovery
Arrears Computation
Provident Fund, and Associated Forms (5, 10, 3A, 6A, 12A, Challan, etc.)
Professional Tax
ESIC and Associated Forms
TDS and Associated Forms
Exit & Separation Suspension / Termination
Death / Disability
Formal Resignation with ability to revoke (with approvals)
Custom workflows
Knowledge Transfer
Exit Checklists
Role, Employee, and Supervisor Reassignments
Open Tasks Reassignment
Automated Exit Tasks with ability to add additional Manual ones
Configurable Letter Templates
Configurable Exit Interviews
Reports Built-in reports
Export any report to PDF and Excel
Configure/Filter Reports
Schedule reports for automated delivery
Customized reports included in implementation

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