The banking and financial sector has just seen the worst financial crisis in a long time. This sector will no longer be the same. The developed countries are bringing about new regulations and the developing economies are expanding their banking and financial sector. There are many other changes happening in the industry, for instance: The customer who had ample time to spend in the... Read More
The Manufacturing industry is made up of enormous factories or workshops run by skilled or unskilled workforce. Some sectors have automated their operations bringing down the workforce numbers but requiring more skilled manpower. The sectors which are not fully automated for various reasons may need to employ a large number of unskilled manpower. To maintain the balance between demand and... Read More
The IT revolution and the World Wide Web have changed the way people buy and sell products and services. People are increasingly transacting on the web and the social media feedback and online reviews are getting more weightage before making a buying decision. The consumer is also well informed through availability of options and comparisons from across the globe and can have access to any... Read More
The Pharmaceutical industry had a smooth sailing few decades ago, as it was just the beginning. There was less competition and hence less stress in the market. The industry and its professionals were well respected. The employees were a happy bunch with comfortable salaries and satisfied customers. Employees would retire from the organization they started their career with. The 90's heralded a... Read More
The power sector has moved from supplying energy from a couple of resources to more options in environment friendly or nuclear based energy sources to its varied consumers. The global power sector is hence experiencing major transformations in the business models followed by the sector in different nations. This transformation in the business model is going to have immense impact in the type... Read More
Science and technology has made progress by leaps and bounds over the ages from the wheel to sending spacecraft to planet Mars, from drawings in the caves to data in the cloud, mankind is not looking back. This millennium is the best phase for science and technology, with all the industries across the world, working towards a better and more efficient way of doing business, creating new ways... Read More

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