Travel Management

Travel Management

Travel Management

Organizations need to interact with customers, vendors, employees across locations, financial institutions, and other regulatory bodies in order to run the business. It is not always possible to transact with various bodies from behind a computer system or telephone. It is in good business practice to meet customers face to face, interact closely with vendors, maintain healthy relations with financial and regulatory bodies, and create a sense of camaraderie and belonging with the employees. And to make this happen, employees need to commute to different offices or travel to different locations on a regular basis.

To ensure hassle free travel and its expense management, companies require an automated system to enable employees to manage their travel effortlessly and allow finance department to control and reimburse the expenses incurred appropriately.

Kensium HR’s Travel Management Module provides a comprehensive, user friendly, easily configurable, and customizable solution to any organization’s travel management requirement.

The Travel Management module enables the organization and its employees to manage all aspects related to travel—right from the initiation of a travel request, planning the itineraries, publishing the schedules to submission of the travel expenses and its reimbursement.

An organization can also configure different Travel Vendors for different Locations, set various travel expense heads, assign specific travel request and expense approvers for various travel modes, and send notifications and emails to all concerned for all the transactions.

The Travel Management module’s features listed below enables and organization to centralize all travel related activities:

Key Features

  • Plan travel itineraries and budget
  • Monitor employee travel through dynamic approval mechanism
  • Manage travel vendors in different locations
  • Configure travel modes, travel request and expense approvers
  • Allow advance amount requests
  • Enable transparent travel claims and settlement
  • Send notifications and emails

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