Tasks and Notifications

Tasks and Notifications

System generated, as well as manual tasks

KensiumHR has a great feature of creating Tasks, Task is the action performed by the User. For each step of the workflow, system creates the task for the assigned Employee (or Position Levels), User can directly check their pending tasks and initiates the respective activity from the Tasks screen.

Also there is a great feature of Usability, when the new tasks which are not viewed by the User, the Tasks Icon will blink with red highlighted color. When the tasks are viewed by the User, and there are any tasks which User has to act upon, this Icon will be highlighted in red color and does not blink, finally, when there are no tasks, the icon will be shown in blue color.

Not only system generated tasks, Employees can assign tasks to other employees in the Organization, which provides comprehensive Tasks management.

Task Reopen / Reassignment

For the manual tasks, there is feature to Reopen the closed task, when the assigner finds the task is not completed, they can reopen the task. Also, in any of the cases, the task need to be reassigned to another employee, system provides the option and also this carries the history of the task, as selected by the assigner to show history or not.

Tasks with escalations

KensiumHR has the great feature in addition to task management that when the assigned task in not completed in the given timelines (SLAs) the escalation mail and notification will send the respective assignee’s Reporting managers. Also this does not restrict to only one level, based on task creation settings, the escalation will be sent to selected levels of reporting hierarchy, which helps to have the extended transparency.


Apart from tasks, system send the Notifications which are the notify the Users for their information and Users may not require to act but they will keep updated with the workflow status. Apart from notifications / tasks in the system, application will also send the mails to respective employees with the detailed information as configured.

Notifications configured to SMS

KensiumHR has the feature to send the notifications as SMS to the configured business contact mobile phones

Confidential Tasks

KensiumHR has another feature of confidential tasks, when the task is created these tasks will not be shown to the reporting manager and their hierarchy when the task is marked as confidential.

Group Assignment at Location/Department/Position, or a specific employee

While creating a Task/ Message, User can selected assignees based on Location / Position Levels and select one or group of employees at the same time.

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