Surveys allow an organization to monitor the mood and morale of a workforce as well as solicit ideas from employees on various topics. Kensium HR allows users to create simple or complex surveys that can target a specific topic and part or the entire employee base.

Unlimited surveys

KensiumHR provides the option to create an unlimited number of surveys with customized questions. Users can also create announcements to notify employees as well as scheduled reminders for participants who have not completed the survey.

Location / Department / Position specific surveys

KensiumHR provides the flexibility of publishing the survey to all employees or a smaller set of participants using the following parameters

Location -> All employees in the selected location or Locations

Department -> To employees of specific department or departments

Positions ->  To employees of a specific position

Groups -> To a customized group of employees.

Configurable Approval Workflows

As part of the survey creation process, KensiumHR allows users to create a customized approval workflow, which allows mangers or experts to verify and confirm the survey before publishing it to participants. This uses the powerful workflow features of KensiumHR where reviewers can be scheduled and reminded to complete the review to keep everyone involved on schedule.

Anonymous Survey Functionality

There are times when survey participants might feel more comfortable in replying to questions anonymously. KensiumHR has the ability to allow users to complete the survey without identifying themselves and the application will not record any identifying information from the user’s computer.

Survey Results (Summary)

Once you receive responses to the survey, KensiumHR has the capability of accumulating and analyzing the results automatically. These results can optionally be published to participants in the form of tables and graphs together with commentary from the survey coordinator. This helps provide another channel of communication and feedback to employees.

Recurring Announcements/Notifications for Surveys

The Announcements feature in KensiumHR is a powerful way to let participants know about a survey and to encourage participation. The announcement can appear on the user’s home page as well as be sent via email with a link to the survey. The survey control feature in KensiumHR keeps track of who has completed all or part of the survey. Notifications can be scheduled to go out at specific intervals to remind participants to complete the survey. The survey coordinator can see in real time the status of the survey and the completion of the survey can optionally appear on the employee’s timeline to increase the transparency of the process.

Configurable Questions, and Responses

KensiumHR allows user to create a variety of question types

  • Multiple choice
  • True/False
  • Free form text responses
  • Scaled responses (i.e., one to ten, good to bad, and the like)

Ability to see detailed responses including respondents

The survey coordinator does not have to wait until the completion of the survey to start the analysis of the responses. KensiumHR allows the coordinator to access the responses and (optionally) the respondents over the course of the survey to get a head start on the the survey analysis or to even modify the survey depending on the responses to specific questions.

Ability to respond to surveys without logging in to KensiumHR

Respondents are provided a link to a survey that can be accessed without logging into the KensiumHR application. This allows users to complete the survey, even anonymously, with maximum flexibility.

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