Payroll Management

Payroll Management

The Accuracy in payroll processing depends on how effectively the information is captured from other functions of HR and rules or conditions that are used to perform the payroll processing. It is been observed that most of time is consumed in collecting the required information and compiling the same to process the payroll which sometimes may lead to error due to human intervention.

KensiumHR provides a solution that can enhance the effectiveness of payroll processing with its modules tightly integrated with each other to complete the following functions under payroll module.


  •  Arrears (Leave, Attendance, Confirmation, Promotions)
  •  Allowances
  •  Bonuses
  •  Overtime/Incentive
  •  Reimbursements (conveyance, phone, internet, etc.)
  •  Welfare (Food Coupons, etc.)
  •  Loans and Advances
  •  Withholdings (Disciplinary, etc.)
  •  Recoveries (Insurance, Asset Damages, etc.)
  •  Taxation (Investment Declarations, Tax Calculator, etc.)
  •  Pay slips
  •  F&F
  •  Statutory Reports (Form 16, 24, 27, 12BA, eTDS)
  •  Accounting Integration    

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