Organization Management

Organization Management

Unlimited Locations and Departments

As part of the organizational set up, KensiumHR provides an option to configure a head office, unlimited locations within the organization along with location-based departments with the following options:

  • Company logos
  • Contact details
  • Industry type
  • Incorporation date of the organization
  • Documents to be maintained at head office or location level
  • Location based departments
  • Option to configure same department in multiple locations

Policy Management

HR policies help create an environment where employees know the ‘rules of the road’ and so issues can be resolved in a fair and open manner. But sometimes policies need to differ between locations due to local circumstances. So KensiumHR allows organizations to create and maintain different policies for different locations or groups of employee. Some of the policy management features are:

  • Location, department and position based policies
  • Function based policy definition such as leave policies and employee exit policies
  • Option to activate/deactivate policies
  • Option to notify HR to renew the policies before expiry dates
  • Display of the relevant active policies to an employee at the time of an HR transaction

Position master

The position master is a key concept in KensiumHR. The position master helps define workflow rules, reporting relationships, and other functionality within the system. The position master includes a variety of attributes, some of which are listed below:

  • Job description
  • Personal traits
  • Multiple levels of the selected position
  • Required experience details for each position level
  • Costs associated with each position level
  • Special skills for each position level
  • List of templates configured for any position
  • Reference check requirement for the position
  • Probation periods, which can be configured differently for different positions
  • Provision to configure the probation period extension time

Organization Chart

KensiumHR can generate organization charts in real time at the position, department, or even corporate level. No more exporting data to other programs to provide org charts. Authorized users can drill down to the lowest detail level to see the reporting structure whenever needed. Some of the features of the dynamic org chart are:

  • Ability to view the employee’s image and position
  • Ability to expand the organization chart by clicking at any position within the org chart
  • Dynamic update of org chart whenever additions or terminations are made

Feedback and Grievance

Periodic employee reviews are important, but what happens in between reviews? KensiumHR allows employees to provide comments, ideas, or even grievances as needed. The comments can be either anonymous or signed, at the employee’s choice. Some of the features include:

  • Ability to configure who receives the information based on role and/or position
  • Ability to require a response

Holiday Calendar

KensiumHR provides the option to define the legal and company holiday calendar at the organizational and location levels. Some of the configuration options here include:

  • Define holidays on an annual basis
  • Define holidays for specific shifts
  • Define location based holiday calendar
  • Define optional holidays
  • Notify the employees about the published holiday list

Unscheduled Closures

In addition to scheduled holidays, weather or other events may cause unscheduled closures by location or at the organization level. Some features here include:

  • Location/department/position based office closures
  • Provision to substitute closure times with other non-working days
  • Provision to swap office closure with specific list of days

Employee Timeline

What if a supervisor could click on an employee’s name or picture and instantly get a complete history of the significant HR events for that employee: date of hire, date of last raise, what training certificates the employee has, any location transfers, or even just a birthday or job anniversary? With the employee timeline feature in KensiumHR, this information is available on demand in an easy to ready graphical format. Optionally, some or all of this information can be viewed by others in the organization to help encourage informal networks and team building among employees.

This is a highly flexible and powerful feature that includes some of the following options:

  • Ability to configure function based events that will display on the employee timeline
  • Ability to configure date based recurring functions such as birthdays and anniversaries
  • Ability to format the template of each event to be triggered
  • Ability to set the view and comment permissions for each configured event across the HR department, employee supervisor, or other employees
  • Ability for employees to comment on timelines of other employees
  • Ability to notify the employee about comments made to the timeline
  • Ability for others to comment on an employee’s timeline if an event was published in an announcement

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