Position specific reference check

KensiumHR offers a workflow for onboarding tasks that an HR coordinator normally performs. For Example, KensiumHR allows the HR coordinator to perform position based reference checks depending on the  seniority and priority of the position. It also features a variety of reference checks at various levels with different types of reference check templates pre-configured.

Tracking the reference check

KensiumHR allows the user to track the reference check responses at various transaction screens such as prior to joining, probation confirmation, etc.

Joining check list

KensiumHR allows HR coordinator to configure the onboarding checklist and communicate to the internal stakeholders as well as the candidates.

Automated new joining tasks

KensiumHR enables the HR coordinator to configure the onboarding procedures to various stakeholders in the process so that the tasks are populated automatically when a new hire joins the organization.

Tracking commitments made during recruitment

KensiumHR provides an ability to track future commitments that were made to the candidate at the time of joining. The HR coordinator can schedule the tasks related to the commitments so that they appear in the appropriate screens as they become due.

Assigning Tasks and Assets before joining

KensiumHR allows the assignment of tasks and company assets to the new hire before he/she joins the organization. This feature also enables releasing these items that were assigned based on the joining date of the new hire.

Document Management

KensiumHR enables the HR coordinator to receive and store all the relevant documents that are needed for completing the onboarding of a new hire, as well as documents needed after the date that the employee joins the organization.

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