General Features

General Features

Employee Self-Service Portal

Customizable user friendly interface for employees to stay connected with your organization and with other employees. The self-service portal allows users to build their own profile and even perform various functions within KensiumHR, based on their role. Some of the features of the self-service portal include:

  • Summary view of employee data in the form of widgets that can be organized on home page
  • Options to view the tasks that were assigned to the user besides the option of viewing the notifications and messages that were sent by the system
  • Options to view favorite items as well as recently viewed items on the home page
  • An announcement window shows events and news items for all or part of the organization

Document Tracking and Custodians

KensiumHR eliminates the need for bulky filing cabinets since all employee records are tracked and kept securely within the application. Only properly authorized users have access to sensitive personnel records. Here are some of the ways this powerful feature can help reduce paperwork and improve your organization’s workflow:

  • Configure any position level as the custodian for each document type
  • Custodians can choose to upload documents now or at a later date, or not at all
  • KensiumHR keeps all pre-employment documents (resumes, recruiter correspondence, etc.) for a job candidate and carries them forward to the employee file if the candidate is hired
  • Documents can be marked as permanent so that they cannot be deleted
  • Custodians can return the document to an employee on a temporary or permanent basis
  • For documents to be returned, a due date can be created and reminders created for the person sending the document
  • Documents sent within the system can have a receipt acknowledgement
  • Full audit history for actions performed on every document in the system

Function based Coordinators

KensiumHR has full featured workflow functions that will ensure faster and more efficient processing of human resource tasks. KensiumHR uses various “coordinator” roles to help organize the workflows and ensure accountability of the processes. The following are the coordinator roles in the system along with some of their major responsibilities that are facilitated by KensiumHR:

  • Recruiter: Responsible for posting open positions, shortlisting the candidates , scheduling the interviews, collecting the documents from candidates
  • Leave Coordinator: Leave credits, leave assignments, approvals on behalf of other approvers, crediting the benefits to the employees
  • Attendance Coordinator: Assigning shifts, add/editing the attendance records, approving Change Request, manual attendance recording
  • Onboarding coordinator: Scheduling and conducting the onboarding programs, marking attendance of participants
  • Training Coordinator: Scheduling and conducting the training programs, marking attendance of participants
  • Confirmation Coordinator: Controls the activities related to confirmation process of the employee
  • Exit Coordinator: Controls the activities related to exit process of the employee
  • Onboarding coordinator: Ensures the joining formalities are completed within predefined time
  • Asset Coordinator: Managing the company’s assets lent to or used by employees
  • Announcement coordinator: Creating and publishing announcements and organization-wide news items

Configurable Employee ID/Series

Organizations may want the transaction numbers to be generated by the system in KensiumHR in a pre-configured format ex : Employee ID - AAYY1234 where in AA may represent the department prefix, YY represents the year and 1234 indicates the serial number.

  • Option to define the reference numbers for the below
    • Employee Code
    • Offer letter
    • Appointment letter
    • Experience letter
    • Confirmation letter
    • Asset IDs
  • Option to reset the reference number on monthly/quarterly/half yearly/yearly basis
  • Option to include the pre fixes of locations/departments
  • Option to create rules from the existing rules

Localization Settings

KensiumHR allows an organization to configure a number of settings based on locale:

  • Date format
  • Time format
  • Currency format
  • Postal code format

Digital signatures

Rather than chase employees for signatures on paper documents, KensiumHR allows administrators to utilize an electronic signature to complete work faster. The style of the signature can be configured within the system as well.


For effective implementation of policies and practices, it is essential for organizations that information is properly communicated and acknowledged by the employees.

Having each party in a transaction acknowledging receipt and acceptance of documents is an important component of clear communication and can avoid misunderstandings and, potentially, legal action at a later date. KensiumHR provides a feature to optionally require an acknowledgement of documents from recipients and a reminder to all parties if the acknowledgement is not received. This feature is especially useful for documents such as offer letters, policy updates, and the like.

Configurable templates

KensiumHR allows administrators to configure templates for a variety of communications such as offer letters, promotions, and training certificates just to name a few. Templates are easy to create and manage and there is no limit to the number and variety that can be maintained in the system.


As transactions occur in the KensiumHR system, employees can receive a notification. Employees can receive notifications of approval of leave requests, attendance changes, profile changes, and many more. This is another way that KensiumHR enhances employee communications.


The Messages feature within KensiumHR takes notifications to the next level. With messages, system administrators can select certain transactions that will generate messages not only to the employee affected, but his/her supervisor and other department or team members associated with the employee. An area where this is especially helpful is the assignment of tasks in a project or team workgroup environment. As tasks are assigned or completed, the relevant employees and supervisors can receive messages to alert them of the changes.

Email-Based Approvals (Instant Approvals)

The employee portal within KensiumHR is extremely useful and powerful, but what about situations where the employee or supervisor can’t log in? That’s where email-based approvals come in. By simply replying to a system-generated email, the supervisor can approve or deny several types of transactions such as leave requests and resource requisitions, among others.

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