Employee Self-Service Portal Customizable user friendly interface for employees to stay connected with your organization and with other employees. The self-service portal allows users to build their own profile and even perform various functions... Read More
User Authentication Single Sign-On with oAuth KensiumHR OAuth service provides the trusted security with KensiumHR OAuth service, also enables the Single Sign On with other applications. Active Directory Integration KensiumHR is having flexible... Read More
KensiumHR is a web based solution built on the latest Microsoft .Net Framework with extensive use of MVC framework, HTML 5 and MySQL RDMBS as database. KensiumHR is available in On-Premise or SaaS environments. SAAS: KensiumHR can be hosted... Read More
Each organization can create its own KensiumHR is designed with a user-friendly customizable interface that has easily accessible, understandable elements to perform the right action. These are some of the features that help users and administrators... Read More
Open API to facilitate integration with any solution KensiumHR is built on APIs to pull or push the data to external systems with the time bound secured authentication token. Access Card and Biometric Device Integration KensiumHR provides... Read More
Unlimited Locations and Departments As part of the organizational set up, KensiumHR provides an option to configure a head office, unlimited locations within the organization along with location-based departments with the following options:... Read More
System generated, as well as manual tasks KensiumHR has a great feature of creating Tasks, Task is the action performed by the User. For each step of the workflow, system creates the task for the assigned Employee (or Position Levels), User can... Read More
The Announcements feature built into KensiumHR allows authorized users to send news items to everyone in the organization, or select recipients by department or even a single employee.  This function supports both one-off and recurring announcements... Read More
Position specific reference check KensiumHR offers a workflow for onboarding tasks that an HR coordinator normally performs. For Example, KensiumHR allows the HR coordinator to perform position based reference checks depending on the  seniority and... Read More
Employee Induction KensiumHR has the unique feature of Employee Induction which no other company provides. After the successful hiring and joining formalities completed, new employees should be knowing about the company and all companies organize... Read More
KensiumHR has this feature in which employment confirmation can be initiated, reviewed and processed. This feature enables the manager to track all the activities of the employee during the probation period and ensure that a fair evaluation is done... Read More
KensiumHR leave management helps the employees to track leave accruals against leave entitlements. Apply leave requests online thru the self service module and track their status, check company holiday list, and also the option to swap holidays from... Read More
KensiumHR has yet another unique feature in the application, where organizations can capture the employee information in the employee master that has all the details that are required. It also has employee timeline where employers can update the... Read More
KensiumHR Contractor Management enables the HR coordinator to manage Recruitment Vendors who facilitate temporary staffing on contract basis and the employees on contract. Contract Employee Management KensiumHR’s comprehensive contract employee... Read More
Success rate of an organization depends on effective resource utilization, tracking of time and amount spent in executing any task within the Organization. Considering the importance and challenges in tracking the actual efforts and cost invested on... Read More
KensiumHR has another unique feature in the application which helps organizations track the physical assets in the organization which are available and being used by its employees or in stock. Asset register can be maintained online and employees... Read More
Surveys allow an organization to monitor the mood and morale of a workforce as well as solicit ideas from employees on various topics. Kensium HR allows users to create simple or complex surveys that can target a specific topic and part or the... Read More
KensiumHR’s Training module can help facilitate internal or external training sessions.  With features that allow a training coordinator to enroll students, create and post online tests and surveys, along with a number of other functions, this... Read More
Every organization aims at a substantial year-on-year growth which can be made possible by ensuring improvement in employee productivity. To achieve their goals, organizations measure employee performance through performance appraisals systems and... Read More
The Accuracy in payroll processing depends on how effectively the information is captured from other functions of HR and rules or conditions that are used to perform the payroll processing. It is been observed that most of time is consumed in... Read More
KensiumHR has this feature where different type of employee’s exits can be processed in the application right from the formal exit to the employee retirement or death. All these are captured at one single place and the exit process is completed till... Read More
Built-in reports KensiumHR provides dozens of standard reports for all the modules.  These are pre-formatted with layout features such as logical page breaks, pagination, and the like.  In addition, the user can apply filters before running the... Read More
Recruitment is the important activity in every organization. Book keeping of this data is a big challenge the recruiters face and finding the right profile at the right time is important. KensiumHR recruitment module helps organizations save... Read More
KensiumHR has all the features that an employee and employer look out for in tracking employee attendance. It is clear, transparent and descriptive. Helps the employee to know how many productive hours has been spent in the office, time outs taken,... Read More
Travel Management Organizations need to interact with customers, vendors, employees across locations, financial institutions, and other regulatory bodies in order to run the business. It is not always possible to transact with various bodies from... Read More

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We are a fast growing full service information technology services providers with a deep knowledge of business functions in a variety of industries.This enables us to deliver innovative technology based solutions to meet our clients business needs.

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