KensiumHR is a holistic product with following advantages:

  • Simple, clean, and intuitive User Interface (UI)
  • Robust solutions across the length and breadth of the HR function
  • Latest Technologies such as  Windows Server 2008 R2, MS .Net Framework, MVC 4, MySQL, MySQL Workbench, MSQL Connector Net, IIS.
  • Anywhere and device accessibility with email based instant approvals for most tasks
  • Supported by a nimble organization – best in class service
  • Adaptable Licensing Model
  • Highly configurable with dynamic workflows that capture critical internal communications
  • Flexible to accommodate the dynamic HR function requirements
  • End-to-end solution from recruiting of candidates to exit of employees
  • Widget driven approach to reduce information overload
  • Integrated Task Management (beyond HR Tasks) and Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Open API for easy integration with other applications including Payroll, Accounting, Biometric or other Access Systems, etc.
  • Superior customized reporting to meet the unique requirements of your organization

In KensiumHR allows you to set reminders for every event and ensures that the employees do not miss information about any event.

Once the reminder is set on the configuration screen, the system will automatically send notifications and mails to remind the concerned employee or employees regarding the event or task. You can set multiple reminders for one task as per the project timelines.

KensiumHR allows you to configure multiple locations for an organization and customize settings as per the requirements of that particular location.

Each employee can be assigned to a specific location and all the rules configured for that location will be applicable to the employee. This will enable effective employee management across various locations globally.

KensiumHR allows you to configure multiple locations for an organization and customize settings as per the requirements of that particular location.

Hence a department can be configured for different locations and the employees can be assigned multiple locations as per their role and reporting structure.

KensiumHR has an ability to communicate effectively with your employees via announcements, newsletters, and built-in messaging system.

Below are the communication features available in KensiumHR:

1. Reminders: Sends automated reminders to employees to receive their consent or whenever their action is pending.

2. Notifications: Informs employees about the various activities like holidays, events, employee birthday, employee anniversary, and other notifications across the organization as per the settings configured by the KensiumHR admin or Manager.

3. Task: Informs employees about open task, overdue task, reopened task, re-assign task, or confidential task through emails, system, and SMS across the organization.

4. Announcement: Publishes specific announcements as per location, department, or position, review and edit recurring announcements, across the organization as per the requirement by the KensiumHR admin or Manager.

KensiumHR is a web based application developed as per the best practices followed across the industries. It can be configured as per organization’s established IT infrastructure and the modules can be customized to fit the requirement of an organization of any size in any industry, without changing the organization’s present processes.

KensiumHR can cater to all industries and organizations of any size that require HR Management.

KensiumHR application is driven by specific HR roles to perform certain HR functions (by assigning the employees with specific roles) within the application.

Numerous roles can be defined in the application as per the organization’s need.  Every defined role will be assigned to a list of screens and a list of actions. Employees with these specific roles can access the screens and perform actions as defined for that role in the application. Any new role can be assigned to multiple employees to share the effort.

KensiumHR has a unique feature known as ‘On Behalf of’, where another employee, as defined in the workflow, can approve the request on behalf of the designated approver.  

This feature helps avoid any delay in the process in case of absence of the designated approver and at the same time maintains security by recording the details of the employee who has provided the ‘On behalf of’ approval.

There is no restriction or limitation on the number of users for KensiumHR.

KensiumHR is a comprehensive tool integrated with various modules. However, KensiumHR can be customized as per the organization’s requirement and include only those modules which suit their needs.

KensiumHR is divided into three parts:

1. Default Features:
The default features which are integral part of KensiumHR are general features, security features, technology platform, and user interface features.

2. Mandatory Modules:
The mandatory modules form the basis for using the other modules, hence will have to be installed in KensiumHR.

The mandatory modules are:

  1. Employee Management
  2. Task and Notification
  3. Exit and Separation

3. Individual Modules:
The following modules are available individually and will be installed as per the organization’s need:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Onboarding
  3. Leave Management
  4. Attendance Management
  5. KT Management
  6. Induction
  7. Confirmation
  8. Contract Management
  9. Project Management
  10. Payroll Management
  11. Asset Management
  12. Surveys
  13. Training Management
  14. Performance Management
  15. Reports


KensiumHR has a flexible licensing and pricing policy and hence can be deployed either as an on-premise or as a Cloud-based application.

KensiumHR is a highly configurable application with Open API for easy integration with the various IT infrastructures or platforms used by different industries like Services, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Consulting, etc.

In a highly competitive business environment, organizations find it challenging to earn higher profit margins. To ensure a healthy bottom line, every organization aims at reducing the operational cost in each functional area.

The most critical asset for any organization is the human resource. Effective management of the human resource is the key to improved profit margins and reduced operational costs.
KensiumHR is a unique end to end HRMS Solution based on HR best practices from across the nation.

KensiumHR is the tool that helps you leverage your HR strategy through enhanced speed and quality of decision making, resulting in organizational effectiveness. It offers a range of features which enable you to automate Human Resource tasks and processes, right from recruitment to retirement, reducing turnaround time, providing data analysis, aiding effective decision making, and improving employee communication.

KensiumHR offers the following modules to assist your organization in effective Human Resource management:

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Induction
  • Confirmation
  • Training Management
  • Employee Management
  • Attendance
  • Leave Management
  • Tasks and Notifications
  • Performance Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Exit and Separation
  • Organization Management
  • Asset Tracking

Select the right candidates as per recruitment best-practices and improve quality of workforce

Configure the onboarding checklist and communicate to the internal stakeholders and candidates

Employee Induction
Plan Induction Programs effectively, thereby reducing time taken to onboard employees

Track all the activities of the employee during the probation period to ensure a fair evaluation

Facilitate internal or external training programs, participant enrollment, and create and post online tests and surveys

Employee Management
Facilitate employee engagement and improve team bonding with the help of built-in social engagement tools
Integrate performance management functions with employee records for a more objective and faster analysis of employee performance

Manage tasks and activities across the organization with automated tracking and reminders for HR and the employees

Attendance Management
Record employee attendance effortlessly to accurately calculate employee working hours and track employee productivity

Leave Management
Manage leave requests and approvals, employee benefits, and compensatory leaves

Tasks & Notifications
Assign tasks to other employees in the Organization.

Performance Management
Facilitate 360* appraisal setup where peers, subordinates, boss, and clients can appraise the employee
Enable the employee to accept the appraisal ratings or raise request for discussion if not satisfied by the appraisal ratings

Payroll Management
Manage compensation and benefits by providing organization wide access for leave and PTO applications, pay slips, etc.
Manage company policies and other policy documents and prevent time-consuming and sensitive discussions
Manage assets by tracking purchases and saving on costs by making employees responsible for company property

Exit and Separation
Process various types of employee exit like formal exit, exit due to retirement, or end of employment due to death of the employee

Organization Management
Configure unlimited office locations under various categories, like Head Office, branch offices, location-based departments, etc.

Asset Management
Maintain asset register online and enable employees to make requests for the required asset and track the allocation and return of the same

In KensiumHR a new employee can be added by two different methods.

1. Automatically through the Recruitment process in KensiumHR:  Once a vacancy is created, KensiumHR assists you in managing the recruitment process by collecting resumes from resume bank, scheduling interviews, and generating the offer  letter to the selected candidate. Once a candidate accepts the offer and you generate an Appointment letter in the name of the candidate, KensiumHR will automatically add this candidate as a new employee in the Employee Master. The HR can then assign necessary roles and responsibilities to the respective employee.

2. Manually add in KensiumHR: Even if you do not choose the KensiumHR recruitment process for any candidate, you can still add a new employee directly in the Employee Master and assign necessary roles and responsibilities for the employee.

You can generate employee details in KensiumHR from the Employee Master and through Reports.

From the Employee Master:  Every employee’s details, whether the employee is active or inactive, are recorded and updated in the KensiumHR Employee Master. You can generate the details for any employee, whether active or inactive, at any point of time.

Through Reports: KensiumHR enables you to generate customized reports based on the details available in the system. You can generate reports for the required details of any employee or group of employees.

Yes, employees can directly update certain details in KensiumHR Employee Master. The HR will assign permission for specific fields to the employees which they can update whenever required. To ensure data security the HR admin for KensiumHR will be automatically notified of the changes made by any employee.

Yes. In KensiumHR the HR coordinator can assign multiple roles to one employee and can also assign the same role to multiple employees.

KensiumHR is a unique end to end HRMS Solution based on best HR practices followed across the nation.

Right from Recruitment to Retirement, all the features are available in system in the form of below Modules and features:

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Induction
  • Confirmation
  • Employee Management
  • Attendance
  • Leave Management
  • Performance Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Exit and Separation

KensiumHR enables the HR coordinator to upload the company policies and link them to respective processes for systematic implementation of the policies. For example, the leave policy will be linked to the Leave Management system and the Attendance policy will be linked to the Attendance Management system.

Yes. The HR coordinator can configure KensiumHR based on the current policies of the organization. The application allows the HR coordinator to define the rules in modules, based on the current HR policies of the organization.

Yes. You can upload the company policies in KensiumHR.

For every type of HR transaction, the employees can view the relevant policies in KensiumHR. For example, while applying for leave the employee can see the leave policy, while leaving the organization, the employee will be able to see the relieving and notice period policy, etc.

Yes. The HR coordinator can use the Announcement feature to notify the employees of any change or update in the policies.

Yes. KensiumHR allows the HR coordinator to receive an acknowledgement from the employee. Once the announcement for the new or updated policy is sent to the employees, they are required to mark that they have read and accepted the policy on a notification which is then sent to the HR coordinator as an acknowledgement.

Yes. In KensiumHr the HR recruiter can select the candidate and schedule required interviews through the system. This schedule will be notified to the concerned interviewer(s) and an automated mail with the interview details will be sent to the candidate.

Yes. In KensiumHR you can define various interview panels which may include employees from across the organization and hence facilitate multi-level interview process.

Yes. In KensiumHR the HR recruiter can assign different interview panels for different candidates based on the job requirement and the candidate’s profile and schedule interviews for a round robin interview process.

Employees can refer candidates for recruitment by submitting the candidate’s resume for any vacancy which has been published in the KensiumHR portal.

Yes. KensiumHR assists the HR recruiter to send the background verification query to the candidate’s previous employer or to the person whose reference has been provided by the candidate and receive the response from them.

The selection process in any organization requires the HR recruiter to keep certain candidates’ profiles on hold awaiting decision and withdraw the candidates’ profiles who do not meet the selection criteria and KensiumHR allows the recruiter to implement this process effortlessly.

Yes. KensiumHR allows the HR coordinator to assign vacancies to one or more HR recruiters.

KensiumHR allows the HR recruiter to post the job vacancies on various job portals through a unique feature called ‘Posting Channels’.

Yes. KensiumHR’s feature of posting channels enables the HR recruiter to post the job vacancies on social networking sites where the company has been registered.

Yes. KensiumHR allows the HR recruiter to configure specific email ids (for example – careers@xyz.com) within the system. KensiumHR will parse all the emails received on these email ids and any resume attached to the emails will be routed to the resume bank in KensiumHR. The HR recruiter can view all the resumes stored in this resume bank.

Yes. KensiumHR allows the HR recruiter to configure department or level specific interview panels which will enable them to interview candidates for various positions across departments or levels.

Yes. KensiumHR allows the HR or a functional Manager to raise requests for multiple vacancies.

Yes. The HR recruiter can generate offer letters for selected candidates through KensiumHR.

Yes. The HR recruiter can withdraw the offer given to a candidate through KensiumHR but before generating the Appointment letter.

Yes. KensiumHR allows the HR coordinator to create a joining checklist for the selected candidate. This may include preparation of ID card, new joinee orientation program, etc.

Yes. The HR coordinator can configure various templates for all the recruitment tasks handled by the HR recruiter in KensiumHR. This may include offer letters, appointment letters, etc.

Yes. KensiumHR sends an alert message whenever there is a duplication of resume in the resume bank. If the details of the new resume match with an existing resume, then the application alerts the HR recruiter that the resume already exists in the resume bank.

Yes. KensiumHR allows the HR coordinator or the HR recruiter to configure various interview feedback questions based on the function, department, or skillset.

Yes, KensiumHR supports employee attendance management. Employee attendance recorded through swipe cards, bio-metric systems, manual attendance registers, etc., can be synchronized with KensiumHR. This application also allows the attendance coordinator to track the employee attendance marked in KensiumHR.

Yes. KensiumHR allows employees to view their attendance records and access historical attendance data through the portal.

Yes. KensiumHR supports tracking of attendance for employees across all locations and attendance modes configured in the system.

Yes. KensiumHR allows reporting managers to approve the attendance of their subordinates.

KensiumHR allows employees to send a ‘Change Request’ along with a justification for the request to make changes in the attendance record, to their manager for approval.

Yes. KensiumHR allows the attendance coordinator to view the details of each employee’s attendance transactions, which includes in-time, break duration, out-time, effective working hours, change request, etc.

Yes. KensiumHR allows the attendance coordinator to manage the employee overtime and associated compensation.

Yes. The employees can raise a work-from-home request in the KensiumHR Attendance management module for the reporting manager’s approval. Once it gets approved, the work-from-home hours get recorded in KensiumHR.

Yes. KensiumHR allows you to create various shifts and assign it to specific employees.

Yes. KensiumHR allows the employees to communicate with each other through messages.

KensiumHR’s unique feature known as “Employee Timelines” brings the employees together by allowing them to communicate with each other through messages or tasks. This way the employees can increase their awareness about each other, learn about each other’s success stories and previous experience, with just one click.

Yes. KensiumHR allows the HR team and the reporting Manager to access the web links and open the relevant web pages provided by the employee.

Yes, KensiumHR is Web based application built on Microsoft .Net Framework using Microsoft ASP.NET MVC framework, HTML 5, and JQuery concepts.

Yes, KensiumHR is built on RDBMS and uses MySQL Database.

Yes. KensiumHR supports SAAS model and can be installed or deployed over a cloud environment.

At Kensium, we understand the significance of the organization’s existing data, systems, and applications and hence our implementation team works with the organization to analyze and create a solution to migrate the existing data to the KensiumHR application by integrating and customizing the systems as per the IT infrastructure available.

KensiumHR is designed as a Web based application and runs on Microsoft IIS server. This application can be hosted on your Servers or can run on cloud (SAAS) system.

Yes, KensiumHR supports API for majority of the functions, which enables the application to integrate easily with other ERP systems.

Yes, KensiumHR supports API for majority of the functions, which enables the application to integrate seamlessly with other applications.

KensiumHR allows users to create unlimited number of Surveys.

KensiumHR provides flexibility in selecting participants for the Surveys. Surveys can be assigned for all employees in all locations, or for employees in specific Departments, or for employees at specific levels, or for a specific group of employees.

KensiumHR has the integrated Announcements feature which allows you to configure ad hoc or recurring announcements to ‘Respondents’, ‘Non Respondents’, or ‘Both’. The system then automatically sends the announcements or notifications to respective participants.

In KensiumHR there is no limitation on the number of questions for a Survey. You can also copy questions from other Survey(s) within KensiumHR.

KensiumHR has a unique feature called Anonymous Survey, which allows the employees to send the feedback anonymously. By using this feature, the HR coordinator can enable the employees to provide honest feedback to the organization without the fear of being tracked.

Yes. KensiumHR has Facilities management module which enables the employees to check the availability and book the available physical resources configured in the system.

KensiumHR’s Travel Management module has a configurable feature which enables an organization to:

  • restrict the number of trips in one request based on Location, department or employee
  • allow employees to apply for unlimited number of travel plans (for eg: Round Trips) under one request
  • configure the number of trips permissible per month per employee

This feature helps the organization to record, monitor, and control travel details and expenses details.

The main focus of KensiumHR’s Travel Management module is to automate all the travel related transactions to minimize human intervention and error.
Once the Trip is completed, employee can upload the bills for expenses incurred during travel in the system. The module will follow the configured approval mechanism and after receiving the approval, the request is redirected to the Finance Coordinator.
The Finance Coordinator will take further action based on the following three conditions:

  • If the employee has received any ‘Advance Amount’ equal to the travel expense submitted:
    Finance Coordinator will ‘Close’ the request
  • If the employee has received any ‘Advance Amount’ greater than the travel expense submitted:
    Finance Coordinator will update the status as ‘Employee needs to pay “X” amount’. Once the difference amount is received from the employee, the Finance Coordinator will ‘Close’ the request
  • If the employee has received any ‘Advance Amount’ lesser than the travel expense submitted:
    Finance Coordinator will update the status as ‘Organization needs to pay “X” amount’ and initiate the process through the module to pay the difference amount to the employee
    Once the payment is made and acknowledged by the employee, the Finance coordinator will ‘Close’ the request

Processing payments through a Payment Gateway or Banks is presently not supported by the module.

Yes. KensiumHR’s Travel Management module allows employees from different departments or location to travel in a group and process the travel requests and expenses through the system together.

KensiumHR follows the following process to enable group travel:

  • The Travel coordinator creates a group travel request in the system
  • Notifications are sent to all the employees and their respective Reporting Managers regarding the travel request
  • The system will automatically create individual travel request for each member of the group
  • The configured approval mechanism will be implemented for each individual for next actions
  • If an employee requests for an advance amount, the approval mechanism will be implemented and once it is approved, the Advance amount is credited to the employee’s account by the Finance Coordinator
  • If an employee is serving notice period, the system will generate a pop-up message when the travel request is being created, notifying that the employee’s status. The Travel coordinator can take required action

KensiumHR provides effective tracking and update of all the information at every stage to ensure smooth and hassle free travel management.

KensiumHR provides dynamic Reports for expense details, advance amount details, or any other travel details for any employee, department or location for any duration.

This feature also displays all the previous travel requests and advance amount history for the employee, when the employee raises a travel request or when the employee’s approver receives a travel request for approval.

KensiumHR’s Travel Management module is closely integrated with Attendance module to update all the attendance record when the employee is travelling, so that it doesn’t affect the leave balance or Salary computation.

To update the attendance record automatically, while creating the travel request, the employee should select the option ‘Do you want to create Client location Out-time request’. The system will create an official Out-time request for the employee for that particular duration based on his/her shift, and this travel duration will be counted as working hours for the employee, as an official client visit.

If the travel request gets cancelled, then this Out-time request will also be cancelled automatically.

KensiumHR’s Travel Management module allows the flexibility to modify or extend the Trip at any given time before the travel completion date. All the concerned personnel in the workflow will be notified for any alterations made to the original travel request.

The employee can also raise a request for advance amount at any time during the travel duration. The system will follow the configured workflow approval mechanism.

If the employee is not able to access the KensiumHR system due to travel, then the Travel coordinator can edit or update the travel request on behalf of the employee.

KensiumHR’s Travel Management module allows you to configure Travel Vendors for booking tickets on the basis of employee location or travel mode.

The Travel coordinator should configure and confirm the travel vendor in the KensiumHR module. When the vendor books a ticket for an employee, it is uploaded in the system and the employee will get a notification to download the tickets through the system.

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