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A company in the USA, had a strong HR team with equally robust HR policies and practices in place. The HR team was most efficient and handled all HR activities with élan.

The new HR Director who took on the reins six months ago was very appreciative of the HR team and setup. However, on careful study of the HR processes the director recognized few areas which though were implemented efficiently, were somehow affecting employee development and productivity. The whole HR process was handled on the common server with folders made for respective HR processes. HR executives would work on their own systems but update their files in these folders every week.

The Dilemma

The director’s observations for the various HR processes were as follows:

Recruitment and Selection: An objective recruitment policy was in place however it used to take on an average 3 months to recruit a candidate from the time the vacancy was created. The factors which contributed for this long recruitment process were:

  • Collection of CVs from various sources and online media
  • Shortlisting candidate CVs according to requirement  
  • Identifying internal interviewers and scheduling an interview
  • Receiving and consolidating feedback from interviews and selection tests
  • Timely communication with candidates and interviewers

This was resulting in loss of productivity for the vacant role and the company was losing out on good candidates due to the lengthy recruitment process.

Employee Management: The employee benefits were above the industry standards and hence the company had a whole bunch of satisfied and highly productive employees. However, the manual attendance and leave management calculations resulted in salaries being paid out by 10th of the month. The HR also found it a bit challenging to ensure prompt relay and larger reach of communication to all or specific group of employees through emails. Communication through emails resulted in some employees not getting the information in time, the HR mail being lost in the long list of unread messages, the communication being sent to a wrong set of people, or the most annoying when employees ‘replied to all’ while responding to the email notifications.

Employee Development: The employees when recruited were well skilled and had ample training opportunities to develop themselves. However, the lacuna in the system was that it took many weeks to process the performance appraisal for employees. This would delay the compensation payouts adding to more accounting work and the delayed training intervention which would mean that the employees are not developing their skills at an appropriate time.

The Resolution

On detailed assessment and analysis, the Kensium team installed the following KensiumHR modules with features which helped to resolve their dilemma:

Recruitment Module

The features of this module presented the following benefits:

  • Candidate data bank enabled easy access to candidate profile based on the defined recruitment criteria
  • Setting up interviewers and interview panels automated the task of assigning and scheduling interviews
  • Communication options allowed HR to post vacancy requirements on social media
  • Email communication to candidates enabled prompt feedback to and response from candidates
  • Creating offer letters and appointment letters accelerated the offer acceptance and helped in recruiting the best candidates

Attendance Module

This module enabled the HR to automate recording and calculation of attendance for each employee and promptly notify any deviation in entering attendance.

Leave Management

This module allowed managers to plan their teams work based on planned leaves of team members and to allow impromptu leaves.  The recording of approvals in the system allowed effective accounting for the leaves and compensation thereof for the employees.

Employee Management

This module maintained all employee data and enabled the HR to set up general and specific rules and policies for employees. It also assisted the HR to communicate effectively to the employees by sending communication to either all or specific group of employees.

Performance Management

This module provided the HR with a tool to objectively evaluate employee performance with a systematic approach to self-appraisal and peer group or manager’s appraisals. It reduced the time taken to consolidate the appraisals and results and presented a prompt and clear appraisal report for all employees.

Training Management

The module allowed the HR to plan and schedule training as per functional requirement and as per needs evaluated during the performance appraisals. The HR could communicate effectively to all concerned regarding upcoming training workshops by setting alerts and notifications ensuring maximum employee participation.

With KensiumHR in place the organization could now experience swift functioning of the HR and drastic reduction in turnaround time for all HR processes. The employees were happier and the organization’s result greener.

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