Mergers and Acquisition

An American CDN corporation with 1000 employees based in the USA had embarked on a growth path and aimed at gradually globalizing its operations in the next 5 years. To begin with, the company acquired a small firm in India with 250 employees. However, the team’s productivity was of very high quality and hence the company decided to retain and grow the team as a major unit outside of USA.
Post the celebration, the US team was faced with the herculean task of integrating the two units and managing the change. The HR had their task cut out:

  • Integrate employee data in the same format for all functional units
  • Standardize pay structure across levels and geographies
  • Sensitize all employees about cultural diversity of both the units
  • Measure performance of employees on same scale without prejudice
  • Open communication channels to enable better coordination and foster team spirit
  • Set uniform cultural and value standards across the organization

Kensium Solution followed a systematic approach to resolve the client’s requirement.


The Kensium team spent valuable hours with the client to understand and assess the following:

  • Strategic reasons behind the acquisition
  • Future plans for the new and existing units
  • Present employee demographics and future manpower planning
  • Present HR policy and processes in both units and their differences
  • Changes to be made to the present policies and procedures
  • Types of interaction likely between the two units
  • Systems designed specifically for a particular unit and those that would be common
  • Scope of training and development to integrate the knowledge of both units
  • Present IT infrastructure and systems


Following the assessment, the Kensium team put together the findings and with the help of internal subject matter experts developed a plan to install the following KensiumHR modules for the client to address their HR issues:

  • Employee Management: This module will enable the HR to integrate employee data from both units in a standardized format, set common or specific-to-location policies and procedures accessible to all employees, communicate with all employees simultaneously, implement employee engagement activities, enable employees to interact with each other through a common platform, regularly communicate organization values, and set standards to maintain organizations culture.
  • Payroll Management: This module allow the HR to implement region specific or common compensation and benefit plan to ensure appropriate compensation to employees across geographies and hierarchy.
  • Performance Management: This module enables objective evaluation of employee performance by setting predefined performance goals and a 360 degree feedback approach allowing an employee to be reviewed by peers or bosses present in different units.
  • Training Management: Through this module, the HR can effectively plan and implement training programs and initiatives necessary to integrate the functioning of both the units and ensure all employees get the opportunity to be trained and share knowledge with counterparts.


The implementation stage included the following steps:

  • Aligning the KensiumHR software with the client’s IT systems
  • Assisting client in identifying and defining rules and protocols for different modules
  • Enabling integration of employee data and processes
  • Transfer of technology and operation to the client’s team

After successful installation of KensiumHR, client’s HR team could implement their new policies and procedures for integrating units of globally varied culture and time challenges and enable them to work in tandem and leverage their strengths to form a better quality workforce for the organization.

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