Case Studies

Challenge A growing financial service IT Company based in Omaha, NE and with multiple global offices was looking at strengthening the HR from merely being a tactical function to a strategic business partner in helping the enterprise to continue on its growth trajectory. However, the present status of the HR function required ironing out of few processes and methods.   The business came to realize that the first step in refocussing the HR function was to create a stronger infrastructure around the various disciplines within HR. It was decided to install a Human Resources Information... Read More
A company in the USA, had a strong HR team with equally robust HR policies and practices in place. The HR team was most efficient and handled all HR activities with élan. The new HR Director who took on the reins six months ago was very appreciative of the HR team and setup. However, on careful study of the HR processes the director recognized few areas which though were implemented efficiently, were somehow affecting employee development and productivity. The whole HR process was handled on the common server with folders made for respective HR processes. HR executives would work on... Read More
A company was facing a tough market and for last three quarters the profits were not showing any improvement. The company decided to strategically cut costs across the organization. Manpower was identified as the main cost center and the think tanks of the organization came up with a solution to decrease manpower cost. They decide to outsource their staffing requirement to an external vendor. For a start they would keep 20% of their staff on contractual basis and gradually increase the percentage. This decision would reduce many manpower overheads for the organization and save time and... Read More
An American CDN corporation with 1000 employees based in the USA had embarked on a growth path and aimed at gradually globalizing its operations in the next 5 years. To begin with, the company acquired a small firm in India with 250 employees. However, the team’s productivity was of very high quality and hence the company decided to retain and grow the team as a major unit outside of USA. Post the celebration, the US team was faced with the herculean task of integrating the two units and managing the change. The HR had their task cut out:   Integrate employee data in the same... Read More

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