5 ways to complement recruiting strategies through employee satisfaction

Employees work most passionately when they are connected to their company and feel valued in their role. However, most companies do not focus on delivering excessive value to their employees, leading to struggles with acquisition and retention of top talent. Without allocating funds toward recruiting and by focusing on current employee satisfaction and well-being, businesses can boost recruiting success. Here are some ways businesses can start:

Create referral programs

Some may argue a referral program is an opportunity for employees to grab some extra money in exchange for requesting a hire that may or may not be fit for an open job. However, if a successful, defined culture is in place, employees should not feel the need to throw out a random name in exchange for extra cash. Employees that are well-compensated through their employer will view the referral program as an opportunity to improve the organization. They will request people they see fit for the job and workplace, as well as skilled individuals they would like to work with.

Offer different benefits

Bringing unique benefits to a work environment can raise employees’ spirits and give them something to look forward to in the midst of a demanding project. Here are some other benefits businesses can implement outside of those you’d expect to see linked to a run-of-the-mill employee contract:

  • Free lunches
  • Gym memberships
  • Event passes
  • Free technology
  • Free company apparel and swag
  • Expense-paid vacations
  • Surprise “field trips”

Complement your recruitment efforts by providing unique benefits

Hire internally

When employees have first crack at jobs within their organization, it builds trust and credibility between employees and management. When co-workers see a hard-working individual deservedly land a position, it gives them motivation to continue working just as hard – if not harder – to be the next in line.

Generate mentions

One of the bonuses of having an excellent company culture is having unique experiences and benefits shared between people. Whether it is from employees, news outlets tracking a cool story about a local business, or individuals praising your company’s initiatives on social media, mentions of your company and its activities can boosts your image. This company image translates back to your workplace culture, generating more word-of-mouth interactions and delivering more top-tier applicants who want to be part of it.

Evaluate internal branding

It is important that a company’s internal branding is consistent with actions and what it portrays externally. If there is disconnect between internal company culture and public branding, your business will be dysfunctional, experiencing bottlenecks and confusion along the way. Employees can be unsure of how they should act in customer transactions, leading to inconsistent takeaways by consumers. Garnering attention for your unique benefits package is great – only if you can deliver on it and your employees can confirm that internal brand wholeheartedly.

Keep time in mind

While these all seem great for raising the level of talent and happiness in your organization, they require time to develop. Your company will have to build and sustain these initiatives before employees become brand advocates and prospective employees begin to take notice. For more HR help or information regarding our human resource management system, please visit www.kensiumhr.com.

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