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New Org Chart Tool


New Theme Implementation


Audit Changes

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Production Issues

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Browser Compatibility Issues in MAC Browser

Recruitment_Schedule : If Interviewer is not selected , when Recruiter clicks on "Submit" button Immediately application should display the Confirmation message as "You have not selected any interviewer, Are you sure you want to continue"

Enhancement: After submitting the Request, Requestor is unable to know on which date he has submitted the request. Could you please provide the Comments/Notes grid in this screen

Enhancement: While sending the Feedback request, instead of having Department/Postion/Employees can we directly show the Employees with their Department?

Currency Change issue



Organization chart

Do not fix the height, do calculate the height dynamically and show as much height as possible

No need of collapse option to the previous position of the chart

Due to text constrains of the tool, we are showing the department name next to the employee name, in case off long text we are showing the tool tip, this is fine


The requirement is to change “Add new Location” on Locations grid to “Add Additional Location”

Keep the Name as “Location” only in Organization menu section, no change required

Feedback / Grievance

If the Feedback / Grievance coordinator is responding on behalf of the multiple requestors, provide the option to select the requestor (One), on whose behalf of the coordinator is responding

Provide the option to show all the Employees added in the specified group in Group configuration screen AND, no changes to the current functionality in Employee Management - General Information screen where adding / removing the particular employee to the group

New Requirements


Shift based leave timings - Document to be prepared

FFS - Detailed Document to be prepared

Wiki Concept

Implement pdf layered approach Templates in HRMS

Apply Compf Off request - Min hours to avail Comp Off beyond the business hours functionality is not working

If the person exits then all task should be reassign



Instant approvals in Asset management module wherever is applicable

Resume bank email Parsing
Change text - "You can enter phrase with in double quotes(") separated by commas(,)"
Change Password format to encrypted

Attendance transaction:
Remove header for change history grid
Change "Add new attendance record" to "Change Request"
Change request can be done for both In and Out at a time

to implement the proper validation messages using JS check list across all the screens

Cancel all subsequent tasks at further levels whenever the candidate is been rejected by previous level while conducting the interview. And email be sent to other interviewers about the cancellation of tasks due to the rejection of


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