Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

At Kensium, we take pride in being the front-runner in the industry with a substantial experience in providing end-to-end HR Solutions across various sectors. We believe, that with the extreme competition and swift dynamism of the present day business scenario, it is only imperative that a solution such as the Human Resource Management System be incorporated by each and every business enterprise that wants to progress on the path to success.

This being said, a fact that need to be understood by every business is that it’s people are its most valued assets and hence it is not just crucial but almost indispensable for any set up to motivate, encourage as well as reward the people, in order to reap benefits of increased productivity and eventually greater competitive advantage.

Basically, an HRMS (Human Resource Management System) or HRIS (Human Resource Information System) can be defined as a unique combination of systems and processes that forms a bridge between the human resource management and information technology through a dedicated software.

In case, you’re even a wee bit confused, let us clarify the fact that The Human Resource Management System or HRMS, which is also known as the Human Resource Information system (HRIS) are both essentially one and the same.

KensiumHR offers you impeccable features which include but aren’t limited to:

  • Security features such as role based security which make sure employee data is maintained and handled in a controlled manner.
  • On-boarding of new employees
  • Induction of new employees
  • Organization Management
  • Employee Management
  • Integration of various departments within the organization for smooth functioning
  • Leave management
  • Project management
  • Contractor management
  • Asset tracking
  • Training & development management
  • Payroll management inclusive of Gratuity and PPF Management
  • Performance management
  • Recruitment
  • Tracking of employee attendance
  • Travel management
  • Reporting

KensiumHR is a completely customisable HR solution that goes beyond the generic benefits. Whether your business is small or mid-sized, a large-scale setup or an industrial model, our HRMS can be conveniently modified to suit your business almost seamlessly. Our Human Capital Management system is aimed at offering you a comprehensive solution that enables increased efficiency of operations, while also helping you gain the maximum return on your investment.

Why KensiumHR?

KensiumHR aims at empowering the human resources (HR) department of your business enterprise in a such a way that it actively supports your objectives while improving the overall efficiency of the human resources.

Some of the major benefits of implementing our HRMS in your organisation are:

  • Automation of HR Functions
  • Integration of HR Processes
  • Monitoring of employee records
  • Evaluation of employee performance
  • Benefits administration
  • Efficient employee time management
  • Timely reporting (standard and custom)
  • Seamless data import/export
  • Optimisation of business functions
  • Maximisation of Return On Employee Investment (ROEI)

With KensiumHR, you can rest assured that the fore-runners of your organization will receive accurate and timely information with respect to the performance of your workforce, that too across various flexible formats and devices, according to your preferences. Moreover, all your data pertaining to this function will be protected via an advanced information security system.

At Kensium, we are dedicated to developing products and solutions that provide you with an exceptional experience, along with unparalleled functionality that directly benefits your organisation in more than one ways.

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